Tabachnik submitted his resignation

Minister of Education, Science, Youth and Sports Dmytro Tabachnik submitted his resignation and awaits the president’s decision.

When asked whether he had submitted his resignation Tabachnik said: "Absolutely."

"I see how happy the representatives of Channel 5 are about this. I am pleasantly surprised that I can do anything nice for you. You are glowing," – said Tabachnik.

He noted that the question of whether he would remain in the Cabinet or return to the Parliament would be decided in terms established by law.

As you know, members of the government, who submitted their resignation to the president, actually just fulfilled the law on elections.

The Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, on November 19 at the Cabinet meeting, said that he had filed with the president the dismissal of the ministers elected as deputies in the parliamentary elections on October 28.

Ukrainska pravda

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