Tabachnik said deputy Gajdos that he would give Hungarians bilingual report cards. But they must ask first

On Monday, April 29th, Istvan Gajdos met with residents of Beregovo and surrounding villages at thepersonal reception of citizens.

During the reception, citizens expressed many complaints about the condition of the roads,particularly in village of Bene. Local residents complained that due to the poor condition of theroad surface and the heavy traffic of heavy vehicles, walls of houses are cracking. Residents ofBeregovo also complained that the trucks drive through the city center, resulting in destroyedroads and buildings. Istvan Gajdos for his part promised to contact the appropriate services sothat they expedite the road repairs. As for Beregovo, he reminded that the previous governmenthad frozen the construction of the bypass road. However, during a recent Mykola Azarov’s visit toBudapest, prime ministers of two countries signed a joint declaration which, inter alia, provides forthe construction of this road around the city.

Citizens, including the teachers, asked if it would be possible to give students certificates ofeducation also in Hungarian language.

The deputy said that in response to his appeal Dmytro Tabachnik reported that the Ministry ofEducation and Science of Ukraine were ready to ensure production of certificates in state andHungarian languages, and local departments of education would be able to order print of bilingualreport cards, as required by the law on languages ​- but the initiative must come from interestedpersons who must submit an appropriate application.

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