Suspicious felling: in Uzhgorod, trees are being uncontrollably cut in the Bozdosh Park (PHOTOS)

20 trees were cut in the territory of the largest park in the regional center of Transcarpathia, near the bank of the Uzh river, on the side of the pedestrian bridge.

According to the public activist Vitaliy Gregor, Uzhgorod residents have found out that suspicious felling has been carried out in the Bozdosh Park for a week, new stumps were also discovered this morning.

The work is done at night by unknown persons, about 20 trees have already been cut down, mostly acacia and polonium. The diameter of some stumps reaches 50 cm and it is visually evident that most trees are healthy.

This is clearly not sanitary felling, since its purpose is to clear the area. And here, the freshly cut stumps are hidden with dry branches.



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