"Throw a trainer at Kolesnichenko – save Ukrainian language" – the campaign under such a slogan has been held by Uzhgorod journalists. All the passers-by in the city center were invited to give a throw at the face of the bill’s author. There were quite a lot of those wishing to express their citizen’s position. A lot of journalists and students, who wanted to show their attitude to the odious policy, gathered at the central square of Uzhgorod. The flash-mob was, in fact, organized, in one day. Journalists spread the information about the campaign and its mandatory attribute – old tennis shoes or trainers – through the Internet. Ordinary passers-by actively joined the journalistic campaign. It turns out that the language issue is bothering many people. Hard strikes with trainers and running shoes almost broke the fragile stand with the image of Vadim Kolesnichenko.


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