Summer is not Indian yet. The weather in Transcarpathia will be warmer

According to the head of the meteorological forecasts service Andriy Zolotaryov, a cold front has passed our region, and by the end of September there will be a warm and dry weather. 
From 27th to 29th of September it will be much warmer: the thermometer in the lowlands will rise to 27-29 ° C in the daytime, at night – +13-15. In the mountains these days the temperature will be 18-23 ° C in daytime and 10-12 ° C at night. However on September 29 in the highlands it will probably rain.
But on Sunday, September 30 it will rain throughout the region and the temperature drops to 20-24 ° C in daytime and 10-12 ° C at night. In the mountains it will also be colder – thermometers will record 10-15 degrees in the daytime and 5-10 at night. 
In the early days of October the wheather will remain cool, the temperature will not exceed 24 degrees during the day in the lowlands and not fall under 10 ° C in the mountains. At night, the temperature will be between 10 ° C and 5 ° C. However rains are unlikely, at least until 3rd or 4th of October. Frost is not predicted.  Classical Indian Summer is likely to come up in November – after lingering cold. Currently, forecasters say, the region is still enjoying summer.

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