Summary of the year in art from the Uzhgorod art cafe

On Tuesday, August 23, at 18:00, in the art center "Ilko Gallery", there will be the opening of a large-scale art project implemented jointly with the VOTO art-cafe – an exhibition of Transcarpathian artists VOTO 2016.

VOTO 2016 is the continuation of the special project VOTO 2015, which combines different styles, genres, themes and techniques. This exhibition will bring together talented individuals, who have been exhibited in the VOTO art-cafe, during the secong year of the Uzhgorod cafe-gallery’s existence, shared their art with its visitors, bringing art closer to the people.

VOTO 2016 exhibition will feature about a hundred works. Young and known Transcarpathian artists Lyudmila Korzh-Radko, Nadiya Ponomarenko, Odarka Dolgosh-Sopko, Vlad Gabda, Olena Kondratyuk, Anton Kovacs, Vasyl Kohutych, Ruslan Tremba, Emma Tremba, Taras Korzh, Lesya Korzh, Natalia Hrabar, Petro Ryaska, Victor Melnychuk, Mykhailo Khodanych, Eduard Prykodko, Beata Korn, Naum Repkin, Nadiya Didyk, Svitlana Kremin, Victor Derda, Olena Derda, Raisa Hluyk will present their works.

Works of famous Transcarpathian artist Havrylo Hlyuk will also be exhibited under the project.

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