Students of five UzhNU faculties still have not received living allowance

UzhNU lacked funds to pay living allowance to all the students. This affected five faculties and institutes: philology, mathematics, chemistry, history faculties and the Institute of Foreign Languages. Also the University has indeptedness to students of international relations faculty.

As stated by the Chief Accountant of UzhNU Maria Bodnar, this happened due to the Ministry of Education, which failed to transfer funds in full. Remember that living allowance is fully paid by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 

This time money was paid to the faculties who had not yet received living allowance for July and August, and five of above mentioned faculties will receive their money for September only near the 10th of October. Although the payment should be made on 25-26th day of each month. 

So nearly a quarter of UzhNU students will receive their living allowance with two weeks delay.

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