Strike in Mukachevo

August 13, seamers of the cutting shop in Mukachevo refused to work and went on strike. They are paid low wages for several months and now the salary for the last month was withhold. Employees say they are forced to go on vacation at their own costs but still stay at work. Sometimes they are even forced to dismissal. Mukachevo Knitting Factory is a subsidiary of Lithuanian company since 2005.  As the main customer Lithuania reduced its orders for 80% last year. According to the General Manager of JSC Mukachevo Knitting Factory "Mriya" Roma Kupinene – this was the reason for delays and non-payment of wages. The general manager also has a logical explanation why people have to stay overtimes and work over the weekends. Urgent orders! According to her, the company is going through hard times, but even in such circumstances decided not to fire people but save the working places though with a low salary. It is worth to wait a bit, because the customer has already appeared, and soon the situation will improve. But people have no desire to wait, and are not satisfied with such a work organization.

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