Street gymnasts will demonstrate their skills in Uzhgorod

Work out is a new popular type of informal sports (gymnastics) with ideological overtones: outdoor exercises, training of strength and endurance using all the attributes of the street – yard horizontal bars, architecture, etc.

In Uzhgorod there are active young people who have chosen work out as their lifestyle. This is not just a passion, it is a sport. The grand open workout in honor of the season closing will take place on October 21 in the vocational training school № 6 at Pravoslavna embankment, 21.

Athletes from Uzhgorod, as well as from Mukachevo, Beregovo, Khust will participate in the event.

The event starts at 11.00

Organizers invite all comers to take part in competitions. There is no definitive list of participants, so whoever has anything to show can do it.

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