Storm warning: another flood wave is coming to Transcarpathia

During the evening, on the night of June 23-24 and 24, another flood wave is expected to move from the upper reaches along the section of the Tisa from V. Bychkiv to Vylok with rise of water levels above current levels by 1.0 – 1.5 m reaching maximum levels: – Tyachiv 460 – 510 cm, (the level as of 16.00 350 cm), water retention on the floodplain, possible initial flooding in the village of Hrushove; – Khust 360 – 410 cm, (the level as of 16.00 270 cm), water outflow to the floodplain, flooding of private plots in the village of Kryva, highway V. Kopanya – Khust, Khust – Sokyrnytsya; – Vylok 360 – 410 cm (the level as of 16.00 170 cm), the initial outflow of water to the floodplain, the Transcarpathian meteorological center informs.

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