State bailiffs and notaries will check cars “for cleanliness”

As soon as the next year the information coordination between the bailiffs service, police authorities and notaries will be introduced – this was reported today, December 4, at the press-center of the "Zakarpatska pravda" by the Head of the State Bailiffs Service of Transcarpathian region Nataliya Panova.

"Everybody knows that in our country there is such practice as the sale of vehicles by proxy. And it often happens when the other person drives a car owned by the debtor. When he or she is stopped by the police authorities, there are conflicts when it turns out that the money for the car have been paid, but the car actually belongs to the debtor," – says Natalya Panova.

Therefore, since the new year, due to information exchange, when issuing the proxy notice they will check if the car is not under arrest or wanted and only after the check of the car for "cleanliness" any transaction can be carried out.

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