Starting tomorrow, you will be able to get from Uzhgorod and Mukachevo to the Slovak Kosice for 5 euros

The low-cost transport company RegioJet opens routes to Ukraine.

According to the newspaper Kosice-24, the first trip from Mukachevo and Uzhgorod should take place tomorrow, on Sunday, April 15. 

The RegioJet company planned the time-table in such a way that passengers could make it to Kosice for the train of the same company to Prague. 

Trips will be made daily. The bus ticket price is only 5 euros (125 hryvnias).

Buses will be departing from Kosice to Uzhgorod at 23.00 local time. That is, 20 minutes after the arrival of the train from Prague. If the train is delayed, then the bus will be delayed too to wait for the passengers, – the company RegioJet reported.

It is expected that the bus will be arriving to Uzhgorod at 3:10 Kyiv time, and to Mukachevo – at 4:10.

The bus will be departing from Mukachevo at 15:15, and from Uzhgorod – at 16:15. The bus will be arriving to Michalovce at 17:25 CET, and to Košice – at 18:45. The RegioJet train to Prague departs from Kosice 20 minutes later.

The RegioJet has an agreement with the carriers SANYTOUR and Transcarpathian Eurolines LLC, which will be carrying passengers in their comfortable buses with Wi-Fi access and stewardesses, who will be delivering free hot drinks to passengers, – the Košice-24 reported. 

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