Starting tomorrow, Fedir Shandor will be the Acting Rector of UzhNU

Several hundred students gathered in the meeting hall of the administration. All are in anticipation of the expanded Academic Council.

Fedir Vashchuk announced his readiness for new elections of the Rector. Also he promised that the Academic Council will adopt an appeal to the Ministry of Education on early elections of the Rector initiated by Vashchuk.

In order to avoid fraud precedents, Fedir Vashchuk promised not to serve as the Rector from the announcement of elections to the announcement of the results.

He said that he would probably participate in the election. Statrting tomorrow, Fedir Shandor – now the vice-rector of UzhNU – will be the Acting Rector. 

According to the administration, now the meeting was moved to other room as it is very crowded. The Right Sector blocks the entrances. 

At 12, the Academic Council began. They wanted to consider 7 issues, including those on scholarships and information about the financial affairs of the university. But, since the public now demand only thing, the agenda includes one issue – on an early election of the rector. They voted for it unanimously. So Vashchuk has temporarily withdrawn from the office, starting tomorrow, Shandor will be the Acting Rector

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