Starting from next year the residents of high rises in addition to the rent will be paying 10% of the cost of repairs

As the Mayor Victor Pogorelov said at today’s meeting of the executive committee, the current rent does not cover the cost of repairs, so they should approve the Regulations on residents’ participation in home repairs.
The draft of this important for the citizens document, as already informed, was published on the official website of the City Hall only yesterday after working hours.
As the head of the Department of Municipal Property Oleksiy Kasperov said, the decision aims to ensure participation in co-financing of major repairs, reconstruction and modernization of apartment buildings, being on the balance sheet of housing offices, condominiums and "housing" LLCs.

In 2013 the residents’ shared participation will be 10%, in 2014 – 15%. As Kasperov informed, now there are 76 condominiums in the city.

Also on the executive committee approved the procedure for "legalization" of condominiums.

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