Stalin Square is trying to reincarnate in Rudansky lane

Stalin Square is trying to reincarnate in Rudansky lane

I noticed an interesting detail the other day, while walking on Rudansky lane in Uzhgorod. On a private house, the paint on the plate with the street name began to peel off due to effect of time and external factors. Because of this, the old name became visible. And if you look closely, you will find out that it is Stalin Square!  

Of course, we are not going to become paranoid and look for some "higher meaning" and "signs from above" in this funny fact.  But I thought that this sign might be an illustration of our current reforms. Here’s why.

Stalin Square really existed in the regional capital of Transcarpathia. Later, after the death of the tyrant, it was renamed into Reunion square, and now it is Petofi Square. Apparently, after renaming, the plates were removed from the houses on the square, and for a time they were kept in warehouses of the city utilities. And when it was time to install signs in Rudansky lane, they took them and made new inscriptions over the old ones.

But! The old signs were made using quality durable paints..    And the new ones were made by applying a layer of usual paint over the old inscription. And the new paint, of course, comes off much easier.

Aren’t those the same processes that we see in the current state building?  As for me, it is very similar.

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