Stairs on Pravoslavna embankment will be repaired (PHOTOS)

On Pravoslavna embankment, the steps near the monument of "Grieving Mother", established in honor of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and in other states, will be repaired

Many times we have written about their poor state: one could trip and fall on those steps.

Today, they began to remove the old tiles, and within a week or two they will be safe and new. This was said by one of the workers.

February 15, recall, they will celebrate the anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and then they will lay flowers to the monument. That is why, probably, they are eliminating the danger only now, as we have predicted.

P1091765_новый размер
P1091778_новый размер
P1091777_новый размер
P1091776_новый размер
P1091769_новый размер
P1091768_новый размер
P1091767_новый размер
P1091766_новый размер

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