St. Petersburg school of painting is in Uzhgorod

The exhibition of Vitali Grigoriev opened in the "Uzhgorod" gallery. Graduate of St. Petersburg Academic Institute named after Repin, Grigoriev uses the unique technique that is not typical for Transcarpathian school of painting. This will be the real discovery for viewers, said the participants during the presentation of the exhibition.

Portraits and still lifes – a faithful representation of form and essence of the subject and person distinguishes the work of the artist whose name is not too hyped in Transcarpathia, but who is well known not only throughout Ukraine, but also abroad. For example, several of his paintings adorned the walls of Gorbachev’s presidential residence in Foros, and the work of the master have been admired by exhibition visitors in USA, Germany, Austria and other countries.

Still, the presentation at home is a special responsibility: "Since the exhibition is not attended by random people, the atmosphere, regardless of the country, is very similar. But the exhibition in Transcarpathia is a special case. Because here it is attended by my colleagues, friends, relatives … Therefore it is a very special excitement" – says the artist.

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