Sport family was determined in UzhNU

The sixth University Olympics among faculty, staff and graduate students of UzhNU, and members of trade union organization began in March and included 10 sports. Teachers played basketball, badminton, checkers, chess, volleyball, table tennis, mini football and competed in swimming. Track and field athletics and one of the most exciting events – family starts – concluded the competition.
Closing of the university-wide competition was held in spite of the cold weather, the site of the institution reported. 

Thus, the winners of the family starts "Dad, Mom, I" became physicists (the Buksar family), the second place went to the Terpak family of the Institute of Economics and International Relations, and the third place was divided between the family of the vice rector of UzhNU Fedir Shandor (Faculty of Geography), and the Kovacs family (Department of Physical Education and Sport).

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