Species of endangered buffalo have been brought to the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

In late April, a herd of Carpathian buffaloes was brought to the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. This was reported on the reserve’s Facebook page.
"On April 29, a landmark event took place in the Carpathian Reserve – after almost 100 years of absence, the Carpathian buffaloes returned to the famous Narcissus Valley," – the administration of the reserve reported.
The Carpathian buffalo is a domesticated species of animals, once widespread in the Carpathians, and now nearly extinct.
"These animals once were common in farms and are considered to be versatile animals. They provided valuable milk, lean meat and were widely used as a powerful pulling force. Unfortunately, they have practically disappeared along with many other traditional Transcarpathian species of animals," – the statement reads.
The administration of the Carpathian Reserve hope that the buffaloes will help restore grassland systems of the Narcissus Valley.
"We expect that the Carpathian buffaloes will form in the floodplain meadows of the Narcissus Valley a habitat that cannot be formed by other animals or humans," – the head of the Botanical Laboratory of the Reserve Mykola Voloshchuk said

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