Special security arrangements are to be introduced in Transcarpathia!

Appeal of the Acting Head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration
Dear Transcarpathians! Dear fellow countrymen!

I am asking for your support and help! The pandemic of the coronavirus is ongoing and it is just getting started here! To curb the spread of infection, we are tightening security measures on this weekend. The Regional Commission decided to introduce maximum movement restriction. This means that from 1 pm Saturday, April 11 until 6 am Monday, April 13, you must not leave your houses, you need to stay home! Yes, I understand that on these holidays we are used to visit friends, go out for walks. But there is no alternative to staying at home in order to stop the massive spread of coronavirus pandemic. And this is demonstrated by the experience of the world’s leading countries! Thanks to the quarantine measures introduced so far, we are able to contain the coronavirus. We must keep this trend and to gradually end the quarantine in May. If we don’t, the quarantine will continue until September. If we do not break the chain of infection, the closed businesses will stay closed. In addition, in the event of conventional Easter celebrations, there is a threat of further tightening of quarantine measures. This time for a long period. And those measures will affect many more companies and businesses. We are tightening control over our current quarantine activities! During this period, officers of the National Police and the National Guard will be on active duty. Fines of 17 thousand hryvnias will be imposed on quarantine violators. The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches agreed that today, mass events, even religious ones, should be restricted. Worship services take place in video mode. We encourage representatives of all denominations to promote the online celebration. This situation is not unique to us. The whole world is now joining online worship services. Please, be reasonable! Today you can truly become a hero and save the world simply by staying at home!

Be an example to others! Love, appreciate, respect yourself and your loved ones. Take care of your family! Stay home! Bless you!

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