Special operation in Uzhgorod (VIDEO)

Uzhgorod residents witnessed a special operation near the Tokyo Shopping Center – a man was detained.

The Main Office of the National Police of Transcarpathia told the 0312 that they did not have the details of the detention, as the operation was carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine.

However, the journalist Vitaliy Glagola managed to get information about the detainee: he is a native of Dagestan named Eduard. He was involved in robberies.

He was prosecuted multiple times. The detainee lives in the Novy neighbourhood. He was engaged in extortion of money from entrepreneurs "for the protection of business." Including from entrepreneurs at the market in the Novy neighbourhood.

We are waiting for official details from law enforcement.

Video by: Vitaliy Glagola, Mukachevo.net


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