Soon in Uzhgorod the dismantling of unauthorized advertising materials will begin

Today, September 5, at a meeting of the executive committee of Uzhgorod City Council the most debatable was the draft resolution "On the notifying of the owners of outdoor advertising about the necessity of obtaining permits and dismantling in its absence." Head of the Municipal Economy Department Oleksiy Kasperov informed that there are 543 objects of outdoor advertising registered in the regional center, which yielded 194 thousand UAH since the beginning of the year, and are installed by 50 companies-operators, 30 of them pay on time, while others have 38 thousand debt. ("Positive" private company is the largest debtor).

70 advertisements don’t have duly completed documents, so members of the executive committee proposed to adopt the decision to dismantle outdoor advertising materials if their owners fail to provide permits.

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