Son of FC ‘Goverla-Zakarpattia’ employee died in car accident near Uzhgorod

The BMW driver (born in 1979) and 17-year old boy died in the car accident near Uzhgorod today, June 3. His father is the head of the security sector of ‘Goverla-Zakarpattia’ football club.

Another car passenger is hospitalized, the other is managed to jump out on the move and survived.

The car accident happened approximately at 6 in the morning, the car drove from the restaurant Kilikia in the direction of the Ukrainian-Slovak border checkpoint. The driver lost control, crossed the opposite lane and the car flew out in the ditch. The driver died on the way to the hospital. The accident circumstances are under investigation.

There were two women in the car, who were seriously injured. One of them is the car’s driver wife.

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