Some Uzhgorod pedestrian crossings pose a real threat to life (Photo-fact)

Today, I happened to witness a car nearly hitting a boy, who tried to cross the street on a pedestrian crossing near the bus stop on 8 Bereznya street. On a pedestrian crossing! A child!

Unfortunately, I could not record the incident or the car license plates. There’s no point in outrage, but it is worth to try to analyze how come all that has become possible.

The main question that arises during the inspection of the scene, so to speak: is the pedestrian crossing actually there? Judging by the attached photo, it can be interpreted both ways, as those white patches could hardly be called real stripes. Meanwhile, a high school is located nearby, and children, who come to school by buses, have to cross the road at this spot. Yes, a few dozen meters from this, so to speak, pedestrian crossing, there is a traffic light. But what child will go there, when there is a pedestrian crossing (even if barely visible) nearby?

There is a suggestion to the relevant services to finally decide whether it is a pedestrian crossing – with all the benefits for pedestrians, or just the remains of it, and then all traces should be removed so that not to mislead people.

The saddest thing is that it is not the only such pedestrian crossing in Uzhgorod. Every spring, the relevant services paint white, red and blue and various other stripes on busy junctions, forgetting about others, that they consider insignificant. And then, unpleasant and sometimes tragic incidents occur. And, of course not, nobody is to blame. Indeed, how can you blame people, who did not bother to just paint white stripes on a pedestrian crossing?

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