Some settlements of Transcarpathia today will be without gas supply

Experts of Svalyava department of the "Zakarpathaz" PJSC will carry out the repairs on the medium pressure pipeline in the town of Volovets in Mizhhirya district. 

According to the Chief Engineer of the "Zakarpathaz" PJSC Victor Vodzinsky, on May 30, in connection with the replacement of shut-off valves on the 325 mm medium pressure gas pipeline, the gas supply to the inhabitants of the following settlements will be suspended: the town of Volovets, the village of Nyzhni Vorota, the village of Verkhni Vorota, the village of Lazy, the village of Skotarske, the village of Huklyve 

The "Zakarpathaz" PJSC asks clients to understand the temporary inconvenience and provide assistance to specialists for the restoration of gas supply by giving access to gas networks and devices in their homes. Resumption of gas supply will be announced later.

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