Solontai was released from detention room after the mass media fuss

Ukrainian political scientist Alexand Solonta, who was detained by the Migration Service today, is waiting for his departure to Kyiv in the transit zone of the Moscow airport ‘Domodedovo’.

A. Solontai himself announced it to UNIAN correspondent.

‘The documents, passport and plane tickets were taken from me, the airport representatives talk with airlines now, in order to send me back as soon as possible. Before that I was in the detention facility, where people from around the world, who were not let in Russia, are kept unspecified number of days. I was released from the jail and placed in a free transit zone after the mass media fuss’, – said A. Solontai.

The Consul of Ukraine in Moscow called him and asked if he is in safe and how they treat him, according to the political scientist. ‘I cannot complain on this. Everything is decent. The dinner was even offered to me’, – pointed out A. Solontai.

Political scientist noted that he has been arriving to Russia for 7 years in order to carry out trainings, but this time he was told that it is forbidden to him visit the country.

A. Solontai added that he was offered to contact the Russian Embassy in Kyiv to find out the reasons of entry refusal, because such decisions are made at the federal level.

‘I think that it is related to our educational activities that we carry. Today had to be a seminar for Russian opposition at the office of Gari Kasparov for the “Solidarnist” activists, and I was supposed to be there as a trainer, and return to Kyiv in the evening at 10 p.m.’, said A. Solontai.

He also suggested that the Russian authorities decided to disrupt the meeting by such actions.

The Ukrainian political scientist, the political programs of the Political Education Institute director, the Transcarpathian Regional Council former deputy Alexandr Solontai was detained by the Russian border guards in the Moscow airport ‘Domodiedovo’ in the morning, on June 3.

The worker of the Consular Department at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow announced to UNIAN that A. Solontai comes back to Ukraine today.

‘The entering on the Russian Federation territory is banned for him’, – said the Consular official. 

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