Soldiers of the 128th Brigade are forced to tell stories about the military genius of Muzhenko – Victor Baloha

The MP from Transcarpathia wrote that on his page on Facebook:

"The president promised a full rotation of the 128th Brigade to restore its efficiency. The community of Transcarpathia, at its own expense, on Saturday sent to the East buses to take our heroes to their home stations. However, there is no order of rotation until February 26. 

Moreover, today our, so to speak, Chief of the General Staff, who does not care about military and human dignity, demands the command of the 128th Brigade to agree to a rotation of 15-20 people at a time. I do not know what you think about such an idea, but I think that it is outrageuos.


Also, the Chief of General Staff summoned the 128th brigade commander and his battalion commanders with one purpose. No, no to thank for withdrawal of troops from the Debaltseve entrapment. Not for awarding new ranks and even not for serving the order to return to their home stations in Transcarpathia. They do not care about that.

The cynical task is to attend the meeting of the Committee on National Security and Defence to whitewash all incompetent fools from the General Staff. In other words, they are forced to tell tales of the military genius of the great strategist Muzhenko. The goal is clear – to help the Chief of General Staff to avoid responsibility for his actions.

Therefore, I ask my colleagues from the Committee on National Security and Defense to give an objective assessment of compulsion to lie for the General Staff.


Only very close-minded person can make military commanders to work as his PR-managers and advocates. And this once again proves that Muzhenko should immediately resign."

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