Solar Days – 2012: join us!

European Solar Days is the international campaign which is aimed to promote solar energy use. This year’s Solar Days will take place in European countries from 1 to 13 May.

European Solar Days are intended to demonstrate the advantages of solar power which is free, clean and infinite source of energy. The annual solar radiation potential on the Earth in many times surpasses global resources of gas, oil, coal and uranium taken together.  

Ukraine has a significant potential of solar energy, solar systems in our climate conditions are capable to produce electricity as well as warmth almost everywhere (with various effectiveness) throughout the year. In addition, Ukraine is among the five countries (Ukraine, USA, Japan, Germany and China) that have the most powerful scientific and technological potential for the development of solar energy.

For the first time Solar Days were held in Kiev during the exhibition and festival ‘EkoVidpochynok-2012’ last year in May, it was visited by nearly 20 thousand people.

This year’s campaign in Ukraine will focus on the educational activities for children and adults. They plan to hold the specialized lessons and workshops at schools and after-school institutions, in the camps during mass events, and competitions for the most effective event for children and their parents. 

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