Snow! Stay at home!

Today, in Uzhgorod, 5 integrated road vehicles and 4 tractors with brushes and graders were employed for snow removal. According to Ivan Dovbak, the head of the MU "KSHEP", the company employees were removing snow, distributing special mixture on streets, squares, bridges, ring roads, embankments.

On Dukhnovich, Erdelyi, Verkhovinska, Horyanska and other streets, mixture was poured manually as the vehicles could not get there because of parked cars.

According to weather forecasters, on 20.00 weather conditions are expected to deteriorate, therefore the press service of the City Council once again asks drivers not to leave their cars on side of the roads in the evening and at night, as they will interfere with the operation of special equipment. In case of deterioration of weather conditions, do not leave home unless really necessary.

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