Smuggling tunnel dug by “Cruise” owner? (VIDEO)

Law enforcement officers have taken out all the evidence from the house in Uzhgorod, where the tunnel to the Slovak side has been dug. As TSN has learned from its own sources, committee of Security Service is going to work there on Monday.
One of the next days it will be blown up or flooded. The house is uninhabited. But the journalists managed to learn from the police the name of the person who was there most often – this is a well-known in Uzhgorod businessman and philanthropist.

In 2004 land plots in this area of ​​Uzhgorod were given to several members of the Security Service. Honoris causa. One of them sold his land, under which, in 4 years, the tunnel was dug. In 2009, in Uzhgorod a house was built from scratch, and on the Slovak side – some trees were cut down.

Experts insist that the tunnel is up to date. Special digging machines were used to build it. When the owner was building the house, the neighbors were puzzled at him transporting ground all the time. They thought that he was digging a swimming pool.

Along with home-made trolleys, rails, motors, and smuggled cigarettes the police seized kilograms of white powder from the house. Expertise will show if those were drugs. In addition, there were found five passports of citizens of Afghanistan.

Builders working nearby often saw the van bringing people to the house.



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