Smugglers of illegal immigrants to the Slovak Republic have been convicted

The Court of Appeal in Transcarpathian region hasn’t changed the verdict of Velikiy Berezny District Court against the organized criminal group members, who in late 2008, transported nearly 30 illegal immigrants to the Slovak Republic across the state border of Ukraine.

Pre-trial investigation found that in 2008 a 30-year-old Afghan citizen, Kiev resident, decided to smuggle his countrymen to the EU countries across the Ukrainian border. To do this, the Afghan found associates among Transcarpathians. The offer was accepted by a 32-year-old resident of Perechyn, previously convicted for theft and smuggling people across the state border and a resident of Zhornava village in Velykiy Berezny district with the criminal past too.

Duties of the gang members were clearly outlined. The Afghan formed a group of illegal migrants and organized their transportation to Kiev. The remaining criminals met the immigrants on the outskirts of Kiev and secretly transported them to a predetermined place in Transcarpathia, near the Ukrainian-Slovak border and then transported the illegal immigrants to Slovakia. Usually the organized criminal group smuggled 5-6 illegals at a time.

Velikiy Berezny District Court sentenced the citizen of Afghanistan to 4 years in prison. Previously convicted for smuggling illegal immigrants across the state border of Ukraine Perechyn resident has been sentenced to 3 years and 1 month imprisonment.

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