Smoking is not cool: in Uzhgorod tobacco control innovations were discussed

This Law № 3778-IV banning advertising, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco products came into force last Sunday, September 16. It regulates new rules to ban advertising and promotion of tobacco in Ukraine. In particular, according to a new document advertising at points of sale, online and in public places, which attract young people must disappear. Tobacco sponsorship and charity will also be banned.

Peter Kindyuh, the headmaster of Uzhgorod specialized school number 5 with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​noted that teachers greeted the law with great joy.       

Ludmila Danchyn, physician of the Regional Health Center said that the new law is the next step for Ukraine towards fulfillment of obligations in the context of the signing the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2004. The Convention was ratified in 2006. "This is the first major international legal agreement that provides for legal liability for the violation if the state does not comply with these strategies.  There are six of them and also a complex of measures recommended by the WHO to stop global epidemic of tobacco use. Among them are the monitoring of tobacco use, protecting people from tobacco smoke, helping not only by physicians. There are different techniques on how to get rid of the bad habit, including Alain Kar, Mamedov, Volodymyr Zhdanov and others.  But the main way to quit smoking is to make a conclusion in one’s own mind. "

Among the measures to minimize the spread of smoking is raising taxes on tobacco products. In 2007-2008, there was a certain increase, and taxes will continue to rise. In European countries this tax is about 70% of the cost of cigarettes in Ukraine – it is 50%. According to WHO, in 2006 in Ukraine 45% of the adult population were smokers, in 2009 – it was 32%, in 2011 – 24%.

"First ban cigarette advertising affects those who start smoking – says Lyudmila Danchyn. – Smokers experienced this not react.      

"Young people need to seriously ponder over this issue – said the doctor, – the law is very good, but there must be a control mechanism for its implementation."

Julia Dub, deputy chairman of Uzhhorod cell of YPO "Foundation of Regional Initiatives", stressed that youth organizations support the law. Smokers should not bother people who do not smoke. "FRI has already conducted activities to promote smoking cessation, several more are preparing – says Julia Dub. – Many people do not read the law and do not know what it says, and such innovation is a normal practice that has been applied in other countries long ago." According to Julia, soon Ukrainians will have even more reasons to stop smoking as new demotivating images to be placed on cigarette packs are being prepared. "New packs will be too disgusting to even take them in hand – says Julia – Smoking today is unfashionable and not cool."

Source: Uzhgorod Press Club

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