Small HPS construction in the Carpathians will be discussed ‘on the round table’

The Roundtable discussion on the small hydroelectric power station construction in the mountainous area will be held on May 21, 2012. The Committee on Environmental Policy, Natural Resources and liquidation of Chernobyl disaster consequences approved the decision of its holding, according to the Information Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Department.

The Committee members emphasized that today the small hydroelectric power station construction is stimulated through the ‘green’ tariff’s establishment in accordance with the Law ‘On electricity’ and through a surcharge to the electric power tariff in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine.

The further attempts of the small hydroelectric power stations construction stimulation without the proper justification causes social tension caused by the neglect of possible negative construction effects on the environment and landscapes, and the public employment in the ‘green’ tourism field, remarked deputies.

These and other issues will be discussed during the event, to take part in which the leaders of executive bodies, scientists and representatives of the public were invited, – informs Zakarpattia online.

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