“Slovenska Veselica” will dance and sing in Uzhgorod museum

On September 17, Slovakian folk art festival "Slovenska Veselica" will take place in the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life.

The festival will be attended by folk groups from Transcarpathia and Slovakia.

In addition to bright folk performances, there will be the exhibition and sale of works of Transcarpathian folk craftsmen on the territory of the museum. At the end of the holiday, there will be an entertainment program.    

One of the main organizers of the annual festival of the Slovak folk art "Slovenska Veselica" is the cultural and educational organization "Matica Slovenska" in Ukraine.

The festival of Slovak folk art is a significant cultural and artistic event that promotes the preservation and development of folk traditions of the Slovak minority, deepens and strengthens its identity, populariztion of the Slovak culture in Ukraine and interethnic harmony in our multinational region.

We invite you to the festival! The beginning is at 14.00. Admission is free!

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