Slovakian journalists suggested writing about each other to Transcarpathian ones

Seven journalists from Slovakia visited Uzhgorod in order to share their experience with Transcarpathian colleagues yesterday, April 26. Among them, the head of the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists (Bratislava), Martin Valko – TV journalist of ‘TV Zemplin’ (Mikhailovtse city), Mikhal Frank – the head of the Pryashivska regional organization of the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists, the editor of ‘Korsar’ newspaper in Priashov and the editorial director of publishing for the blind and visually impaired people Gabriel Rerkov (Levocha city).

Mikhal Frank told that the majority of Slovak cities publish their own newspapers. ‘In larger cities periodicals are published once a week and in smaller – 3-4 times a year. They have financial support from the government, but it is very difficult to get it. There is also Ukrainian edition in Preshov. In particular, ‘Veselka’ – the children’s magazine, ‘Narodni novyny’ and ‘Nove zhyttia’. They broadcast Ukrainian programs on radio and television,’ – said Mr. Frank.

Martin Valko informed that he became interested in how Slovaks live in Ukraine since 1989. And started writing about their problems. ‘And the problems there like everywhere. Human ones. We also live not very well. We are also counting money and trying to economize.

To write means to present Slovaks in Transcarpathia. We should write about you and you about us! After all we have very similar problems’ – summarized Martin Valko. 

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