Slovakia spirit in the ancient Kosice (In Pictures)

Short narrow streets, flowered beds, cozy public garden – all these, except of the rich architectural heritage can be seen only in 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian Uzhgorod in the Slovak city of Kosice. Although these brother cities are separated with border, however, we are highly recommending you to visit this beautiful town if you have a chance, from which you will definitely get a lot of wonderful memories!

The second biggest and largest town of the neighboring Slovakia is situated at the foot of the mountain range Cherna Gora in the Gornad river valley. The central part of the town that makes the remarkable ensemble of ancient buildings with the church named after Saint Azhbet, City Theatre and ‘singing’ fountain are the most impressive in Kosice. All the city holidays and different trade fairs are held there on the main street, also you can walk there any time, to see the underground tunnels with the remnants of ancient walls of the town, enjoy the medieval buildings facades, which, as we can see on the photo do not depraved by the egregious advertising signs. It is pleasant to notice that garbage bins are cleaned by utility service workers every night and flower beds are watered every morning.

The narrow streets adjacent to the main square require special attention. You immediately immerse in the midst of traditional Slovak rhythms, tasting the national dishes and drinks in the cozy restaurants by looking at any of these streets. By the way, the prices will pleasantly surprise you, a glass of the local traditional beer costs nearly 1-1,5 euro, and the dishes from 3 euro almost in any restaurant. Therefore, you can taste the Slovak cuisine, or taste some drink for quite a reasonable price. 

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