“Skryabin” made a shocking video about the decline of Ukraine

The video for the clip was filmed over a four hour trip Mykolayiv – Kalush – Ivano-Frankivsk – Ternopil – Kremenets – Dubno – Lutsk. 

"We get used to what surrounds us, and when we see it on the screen – it’s shocking! This is our country. This is you and us! And believe us, to onlookers we appear horrible! And this is only 320 km of 150,000 km of highways in Ukraine. We were driving only on main roads! Imagine the situation in the depth of the country…" – Andriy Kuzmenko comments on the video on the official website of the band in facebook.  


Also the musician says that anyone can make their own video and present their own vision of Ukraine, but it is better to start finally get out of the ruins.

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