Six illegal migrants from Afghanistan were detained by the border guards

Six Afghanistan citizens, five of whom are men aged from 30 up to 39 years and 47-year old woman were detained by the border guards of Mukachevo squad.

Searchers for the better life stayed in the forest line on the edge of the village of Rafailovo in Beregovo district, in 5 kilometers from the state border.

Illegal migrants were intended to go to the EU countries.

The detained are in the temporary detention facilities in Chop for now, the court will decide their further destiny. The measures in establishing of the circumstances of the offence and the circle of those involved are ongoing.

We want to remind you that according to the Article 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on illegal conveyance persons across the state border of Ukraine, the organization of illegal persons across the state border of Ukraine, the leadership of such actions or promotion the commission of them with advice, instructions, provision equipment or elimination of obstacles – are punished by imprisonment for the term from three to five years with confiscation of vehicles or other means of committing a crime. The same actions committed in a dangerous way to the life or health of a person who illegally transported across the state border of Ukraine, or committed against several persons or repeatedly, or by prior agreement by a group of persons or by an official through abuse of office, – are punished by imprisonment for a period from five to seven years with confiscation of vehicles or other means of committing a crime, with the deprivation of right to hold certain posts or to be engage in certain activities for a term of three years or without it. The actions specified in paragraph one or two of this article committed by an organized group or committed for mercenary motives – are punished by imprisonment for a term from seven to nine years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or to be engage in certain activities for the term of three years, with confiscation of vehicles or other means of committing a crime and forfeiture of property – informs the press service of Mukachevo border squad.

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