Six authors and books are competing for the municipal Petro Skunts prize

On July 17, the first meeting of the competition commission on the awarding of the municipal Petro Skunts prize under the chairmanship of the Deputy Mayor of Uzhgorod Oleksandr Bilak was held. This was reported by the press service of the City Council.

 Recall that this prize was founded by the Uzhgorod City Council to encourage contemporary authors to write works devoted to the city of Uzhgorod, its history and present, outstanding Uzhgorod residents, to popularize the latest Ukrainian literature, develop Ukrainian literature, and to discover new talents.

 Thus, the following books are accepted for participation in the contest:

– in the nomination "regional studies":

S.D. Fedaka "History of Uzhgorod in dates and events";

I. V. Khlanta "Echo of the Literary Transcarpathia";

T.O. Literati "Uzhgorod. Nonfictional stories".

 – in the nomination "fiction":

P. M. Khodanich "Budytels, or Vivat Emperor";

L.P. Povkh "Our merry city";

 – in the nomination "album":

A. Ye. Harkusha "Adalbert Erdelyi. Cartoons".

On Tuesday, July 24, the competition committee must determine the winners.

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