Situation caused by adoption of the ‘language’ law will be discussed in Uzhgorod

The Law on languages, which is called scandalous, was adopted. This event, which will have many consequences for the country already on the first day, provoked a variety of actions and protests. Transcarpathian politicians and experts do not want to stand aside and decided to meet in the press center ‘Zakarpattia’ to speak about this. During the meeting with journalists the assessment of current events will be given. It will be predicted how this will display on different spheres of Ukrainian society life: social, cultural, economic and political. Is it possible to change the situation and what do we need to do? Are Transcarpathian politicians ready to act? The guests of the press center ‘Zakarpattia’ will respond to these and other questions today, July 4.

The press conference participants:

Ivan Sabadosh – a Head of the Ukrainian language Department of UzhNU;

Serhiy Fedak – a political scientist;

The representatives of the political parties.

All those willing are invited!

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 4, at 3 p.m.

In Uzhgorod, Drugets Street, 60 

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