Since 2016, Transcarpathian gas company workers revealed nearly 3,000 violations in the use of gas at homes

Since the beginning of this year, in order to enhance safety of gas use at homes, experts of the "Zakarpathaz" have conducted planned maintenance at more than 46.3 thousand homes of countrymen, during which they revealed nearly 3,000 violations. Gas supply was disconneted due to unauthorized interference in gas appliances (2,454 cases), keeping of smoke and ventilation ducts in improper condition (385), faulty gas appliances (104).

According to statistics, the main causes of accidents in the use of gas at homes are traditionally: unauthorized installation and replacement of gas appliances, unauthorized interference in gas supply system, use of gas appliances for other purposes than intended, and failure to keep smoke and ventilation ducts in good condition.

The "Zakarpathaz" PJSC notes that according to the "Rules of Gas Supply Safety" owners of houses are responsible for proper technical condition of gas-consuming equipment, smoke and ventilation ducts. Consumers themselves should remember about their own safety and prevent possible emergency cases.

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