“Silver Tatosh” – how it was

It seems that in Transcarpathia a really special Festival has appeared – "Silver Tatosh", which this year was based at Chynadiyevo Castle St. Miklos for the second time, and had shown its class by the attractions, saturation and mood.

"In Transcarpathia there was the first festival that pulled us from traditional standard of entertainments -"barbecue and wine "," – writes blogger of uzhgorod.in Tetyana Lemak

At this year’s action they sought to collect as many medieval attributes as possible – and there were not only fightings, including full-contact ones, but also medieval music and dancing, and even customs. The festival, which was organized by Yuri Slavik and tenant of the castle Joseph Bartosh, brought reenactors from different regions of Ukraine, Slovakia, and Hungary. The event lasted three days, the program was very eventfull, however, the most important was the atmosphere at the festival. And it was in the "Tatosh" where it was really fantastic and timeless.


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