Shvabska street will be two-way again. Uzhgorod mayor promised that the repair would have finished … by fall

Broken pavement, lack of pedestrian crossings, traffic lights malfunction, danger to people from cars rushing on smooth asphalt – these problems of Shvabska street in Uzhgorod were recently covered by the "Zamok" (issue № 8 dated February 14 – Ed.).

The Department of Information Technology and Public Relations of Uzhgorod City Council informed that the reconstruction of Shvabska would have been finished by September 1.

Recall, the works here began last year in August. Thus, the overhaul of Shvabska will take more than a year – a lot longer than that for repair of Mynaiska street the year before the last, or of Mukachivska street last year. So it may turn out that until autumn pedestrians will have to walk on sidewalks without hard pavement.

According to the reconstruction project, in addition to the existing two pedestrian crossings – at the beginning and end of the street – there will be three more of them.

But the operation of traffic lights at the crossroads near the Petofi Square and Svoboda Avenue will not be changed: according to the approved scheme, the traffic at the beginning and the end of the street after reconstruction should be in two ways again.

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