“Shvabska street will be blocked tomorrow and Mukachivska – on Monday,” – promises Uzhgorod Mayor’s office

Municipal services department informs: since Friday, August 17, traffic along Shvabska street will be blocked due to repair of water supply communications. Shvabska atreet will be completely blocked from 6 am in the part from Svobody avenue to Zhemayte street. Repair will last until Monday, August 20, so traffic in the street will be open again from 6 am, but only in one direction – from Petofi square to Mynaiska street.

City administration recommends to take this information into account when planning your trip, and consistently asks not to leave cars in Shvabska street and move the parked cars out from the area.

Mukachivska street will be completely blocked for the replacement of road carpet and sidewalks repair from 6 am on Monday, August 20. Traffic on the piece of road from complex "Juventus" to the crossing of Stantsijna and Ankudinova will be stopped at least for a week.

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