Shufrich Jr. found a “Ukrainian Pirlo”

Makarenko should help Uzhgorod team stay in elite league. The Vice-President of "Hoverla" Oleksandr Shufrich expressed the hope that the team will stay in the Premier League, and also spoke about the "Ukrainian Pirlo," who plays on the left flank of the Uzhgorod team.

"We have not had our last word in the Premier League yet. We do not want to leave the Premier League with such team and with, frankly, quite reasonable ambitions for the next season.

We rely on Lysenko and Petrov, as on team leaders. These are the two players who I think will help us solve our problems. I will do everything so that the football Ukraine could see that we have football talents, we just do not pay them much attention.

Pirlo created the midfielder – playmaker position. Yevhen Makarenko could become a Ukrainian Pirlo, but due to circumstances, he is forced to play on the left flank of the defense line. He is doing well, but it is not his position, and we are certainly looking for a left back," – Oleksander Shufrich said at "Football" the TV channel.

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