Shooting in Uzhgorod, near the “Crown”

A fight followed by shooting occured near the "Crown". The news of another emergency is spreading Uzhgorod almost with a the speed of light.

It occurred near the notorious "Crown" and is directly linked to the controversial reconstruction. As you known, the complex for several years now has been under reconstruction, and activists claim that its privatization and therefore destruction is a crime against the community.

Today, some trucks were taking out of the territory something like construction waste. Here is what a participant of the incident Roman Boguslavsky, a member of the City Council tells about it: he and his assistant Yevhen Rakhimov went to check what was going at the facility.

However, the two men were attacked by unknown persons, and the fight was provoked by Ivan Voloshin, who is considered the beneficial owner of the "Crown".

Then, there was shooting: Roman says that they shot at Yevhen Rakhimov. They wounded his leg (probably hit an artery because there was quite a lot of blood).

Here is what Yevhen Rakhimov wrote on his page: "Boguslavsky and I have just been attacked by Voloshin. They used firearms"


Yevhen is now in the hospital – they pulled out three bullets. Roman is talking with law enforcement officers.

Now the scene is cordoned off. The police are working there, and there are 2 trucks near the "Crown".

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