Shmyhal said that the country will be recovering after the quarantine for the next 2 years

According to the prime minister, for now May 11 is considered as "the desired threshold after which we expect to have positive data and live in easier confitions, but it’s not certain that it will be so."
The Cabinet wants some "loosening" to take place on May 12 to start thinking about economic development and seek a "balance between strict quarantine and the work of the economic sectors."
However, Shmyhal agrees with the WHO in that for the next 2 years the world will be fighting against the coronavirus, so "there should be no illusions that the quarantine ends in May, we can all go out and forget everything."

"All countries that have successfully overcome the first peak of incidence today are facing next peaks, including China.
Therefore there is no illusion that Ukraine has managed to contain the first wave, and everything’s all right. We need to learn to live under new conditions […].
We are introducing definitions of quarantine measures and the need for their implementation by levels – yellow, orange, red.
Yellow is when the situation is moderately severe and we can allow major industries work and work in very mild conditions of quarantine.
Orange is when the number of patients begins to grow, and suppose there are already one or two fatal cases in a particular region. Then we contain that region.
Red is a lockdown when the region or country is completely closed, like now.
The world has changed. And there is no doubt that we will live in new conditions. We must all wear masks, adhere to certain rules of disinfection, we must all adhere to social distancing, certain rules of conduct in transport, in public places, in shops, etc.
That is, there are a number of things that we must learn to live with daily. Like brushing teeth every day, we have to learn to live with it. According to World Health Organization estimates, for at least the next two years."

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