Shchadey realized that Pogorelov is a magician, but he is going to fight him

Pogorelov planned a massive land despoilment tomorrow, at the council session. Instead, we will demand personal voting of members and the abolition of the bus fares increase, the former City Council Secretary Victor Shchadey wrote in his profile on facebook.

The mayor starts distribution of land. Recall that City Council imposed a moratorium on the distribution of land – but, bypassing the moratorium, through the process of renting Pogorelov offers to distribute a couple dozen plots. Arrogance knows no bounds – one of the plots on this scheme has an area up to 24 hundred square meters (three standard plots).

 In addition, Pogorelov offers to install more kiosks in Uzhgorod. The City Hall issued certificates of real estate for already installed kiosks – now they are considered permanent buildings – and they also want to allocate the land beneath them. This means that our mayor is a magician – "temporary lightweight structures" turned into permanent buildings with foundations and certificates of real property.

 Another Pogorelov’s scam is an attempt to misappropriate the land in the Pidzamok park (near the "Spartak"). They want to give into private ownership another 17 hectares of land.

 Also they plan to privatize some land.

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