Seven Transcarpathian truck drivers are not released from Kazakhstan for more than 2 weeks

The Group of Transcarpathian truck drivers detained in Kazakhstan without valid reasons. One of the Uzhgorod families for the second week is living like in a bad dream. Their 29-year old breadwinner, the truck driver Yurii, is detained by Kazakh police. He and 6 more Transcarpathians carried to this country equipment for wine making, but instead of gratitude to the representatives of friendly people they are kept for 15 days already on one of the parking lots without valid reasons.

No one can help ‘hostages’ because the reasons of detention are frivolous. Meanwhile Yurii’s wife – Alina – is about to give a birth in Uzhgorod…

Yurii has been working as a truck driver for 5-6 years already and has never got in unpleasant situations like this before. He and another six colleagues from Irshava, Mukachevo and Uzhgorod delivered equipment for wine making from France in the Kazakh city of Shymkent. And in the city of Aktobe, which they were passing, they got in trouble. There all 7 CAMION were detained by transport police on July 19.

‘At first they checked whether the bilateral agreements are real. It took several days for them to raise concerns about the absence of tripartite agreements, which they cannot have: for trucks of ‘Eueo-2’ standard such documents have not provided for 1.5-2 years. Still because of it Transcarpathians has been held in the parking lot for a long time. What is interesting, for each day ‘of staying’ they should pay $45. It’s just humiliation! – Outraged Oksana. – They are forcibly detained there and have to pay for this. Living conditions are simply terrible. Son sleeps in the car and spends the whole day on 40-degree heat. Local people bring them water. I don’t want even to tell about the absence of toilet and shower…’.

According to his mother, the boys turned to various authorities. But nobody can help in reality. In particular client of wine making equipment (by the way, its cost – 100 thousand dollars), said the detention of drivers – is their problem. The employer of dwellers is the company ‘Glory Cargo Service’ states that does everything necessary for their salvation, but nothing comes out. Now am negotiating with the inspector, who delayed our carriers. ‘Now I am negotiating with the inspector, who detained our carriers. He promised to give a concrete answer, what to do – said Susanna Yossayi’.

There is also another version of why Transcarpathians still in a foreign country. Most likely, that the Kazakh law enforcement officers realized that the product which worth $100 thousand is a tasty morsel, and they will not release it so easy…

In short, the capture of Transcarpathians in hot Kazakhstan may take more than one day. Oksana Yuriivna tearfully begs for help of all the concerned. She is terribly concerned about the fate of Yurii and his wife Alina.

‘Zakarpatska Pravda’

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