Sending off shepherds to meadow celebration took place in Mizhhiria district (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The head of the region Olexandr Ledyda, the Regional State Administration deputy chairman Andrii Serbailo, the head of Mizhgiria District Administration Vasyl Shchur and the regional prosecutor Anatolii Petrunia participated in the traditional performance on Sunday, June 10.

The participants and guests formed the festive holiday column in Mizhgiria. Together with musicians and dance groups they encouraged local residents to join them by going along the village streets. The main is traditionally held in the mountains – on the beautiful Synevyr pass. The experienced sheep farmers gathered together, who told those presents the secrets of making the most delicious brynza (cheese).

Master class on cheese production was held also for guests. The very process of this is not easy from 10 liters of sheep milk we can get not more than two kilograms of cheese.

Olexandr Ledyda does not make this for the first time since he has been visiting the holiday each year: – when the first day of summer comes the whole region is going to send off shepherds with their flocks to meadow. The highlanders’ hard work promotes the Transcarpathian traditions preservation. So I want to wish them good luck and promise that the regional authorities will assist in the sheep holders’ development. Even children know how to make cheese from the sheep’s milk here in Mizhgiria district:

– At first you ease milk, then pour it into the jar and leave for several hours. Then – squeeze and wrap it in a clean cloth. The liquid flows down and it turns out cheese, – said 8-year old Sonia. Ivan Telychko taught how to prepare a real sheep milk cheese after 30 years. He said that each shepherd has his own cooking cheese secret the main secret is to keep the right technology. 

In addition to the making cheese competition, vurda and Verkhovyna dishes, guests were entertained by dances, fun competition and fun exhibition, – informs the RSA press center. 



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